Groundwater Services

  • Assessment of regional and local groundwater resources for rural, urban and commercial water supply
  • Pre-development regional groundwater resource evaluation and sustainability assessment
  • Implementation of groundwater exploration programmes using remote sensing and geophysical methods
  • Development of conceptual groundwater flow models
  • Design and supervision of exploratory and production water well drilling programmes
  • Preparation of tender documentation for drilling and pumping test contracts
  • Design and implementation of aquifer pumping tests
  • Water quality sampling and hydrochemical assessment for aquifer characterisation and compliance to water quality standards
  • Protection zoning for well fields and major aquifers
  • Groundwater modelling using analytical and numerical methods for resource evaluation and effective management
  • Groundwater pollution studies
  • Management, development and monitoring of well fields and major aquifers
  • Development of groundwater and wellfield monitoring and management plans
  • Design of mine dewatering systems
  • Down hole camera inspections for assessment of screen conditions in water wells


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