Clients Portfolio

Below is a list of some of our clients

  • Anglo American Corporation, Botswana
  • Basotho Canners, Lesotho
  • Department of Geological Survey, Government of Botswana
  • Department of Water Affairs, Government of Botswana
  • Department of Waste Management & Pollution Control, Government of Botswana
  • Department of Environmental Affairs, Botswana
  • Dewet Drilling, Botswana
  • Discovery Metals Limited, Botswana
  • Earth Resources Consultants, Botswana
  • Engineers International, Botswana
  • Getwell Limited, Zambia
  • ILISO Consulting, RSA
  • Lahmeyer International (Gmbh), Germany
  • LEA Associates South Asia Pvt.Ltd (LASA), India
  • LEA International Ltd, Canada
  • Mazenod Hospital, Lesotho
  • Ministry of Agriculture, Government of Botswana
  • Ministry of Local Government, Government of Botswana
  • Roughton International, Botswana
  • Sladden International, Botswana
  • SNC - LAVALIN, Canada SWECO, Sweden
  • TAMS International, USA US Embassy, Maseru, Lesotho
  • Unik Construction, Botswana
  • Vincent Uhl Associates, USA Vinylux
  • Water Utilities Corporation, Botswana
  • Water Sector Coordinating Unit – SADC


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